How supplier API integrations are done in travel booking platforms?

No matter how you prefer to deal with supplier API integrations, directly or through a third-party vendor to manage your integrations, it is critical to have a fair amount of understanding on supplier API and how it works.

Before deciding on supplier API Integration  and which supplier to integrate make sure on the following:

Analyse API Documentation exhaustively: We start by using the full perspective after recognising the functions & set of instructions required to carry out the API. We then create an appropriate API documentation that helps both parties to find out about the usage restrictions, data input and output and other performance details.

Use APIs That Are Well Tested: Engaging APIs is the important best practice for an attempt because it helps you to save costs. APIs have a successful chance of downtime owing to dependency on 3rd party addressing to an inadequate user experience. With well-tested APIs from dependable sources, you can run and address your mission-critical applications and provide the robust user experience.

Assure Security: With the hike in data theft and hacking, you must pay careful attention to the security features of an API. Some APIs from established sources tender better data protection and encrypted connection. Whereas other APIs are badly protected and can acquaint your business to protection vulnerabilities. So, implement APIs which abide by substantial security policies, protecting your organisation and user data.

Concentrate on Scalable APIs: Every business demands a shift over time. A scalable API can develop with your business. This intends that you will not have to reconstruct your present third-party integrations when you choose flexible alternatives.

While integrating systems has always been a complex and costly task is now built on common Web standards and open APIs which is designed with system integration (SI) in mind. The integration between your booking platform and Channel Managers/OTA Channels/Suppliers can be carried out in a safe and reliable way through API integrations by automatically importing/exporting the availability, prices as well as the reservations.

How does data flow happen during a supplier API integration?

Different integration specialists have their own way of data integrations. Here we are speaking about how Vafion handles data during a supplier API integration. Suppliers will be exposing their API/File. We access the supplier platform and receive data from them through our (Vafion) integration hub. The data we receive through integration hub will be stored in the source DB (Mongo DB) without any sort of transformation on it. We transform the data received to our required format (Vafion) using CAMEL and Spring Batch. Spring Batch helps in executing batch jobs in the best way. Following which we save that into the integration DB. Channels/Distributors can fetch the data through our exposed APIs in a matter of time making integrations super fast.


How can Vafion help you in Supplier API integrations?

Vafion is an API technology expert in the hospitality industry and has been providing API integration services exclusively to the hospitality industry for the past four years. We have helped large organisations to plan, build and maintain their APIs. We have also helped some of the well-known players in the hospitality sector in their API integrations across businesses.  We have the expertise integrating all most all players in this industry. Similar channel integrations for various customers urged our engineers to develop a reusable platform .  After months of effort, our team has come up with a platform which can fast track integration efforts to nearly half. The platform uses adapters which are custom made for each channel.In effect, it helps in reducing the integration efforts considerably. This makes Vafion a sensible option than your technical team or any other technology provider. We differentiate ourselves in terms of domain experience, delivery time, cost effectiveness, error handling, performance, and support.

How Supplier API integrations are done at Vafion?

How API integrations are done?

Vafion as a technology service company to the hospitality industry provides ready-made technology solutions to our customers. It helps our customers to concentrate on the real business, while we take care of the technology part. It can be API Integrations, Data Analytics, Property Management, Booking Engine, Business Intelligence, Data distribution etc. We specializes in  API integration services for channel management in travel and hospitality industry.  We are also into XML API Integration for Hotels, Vacation Rentals, Car Rentals, Cruise Liners, Flights, Activities, Ferry, Bus, Payment integrations, PMS and GDS Integrations etc.

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