Vacation Rental Distribution: How technology can bring more profit?

The world has transformed to technological advancement with digital techniques, and it has brought a change on how consumers search, share, and book a property. It has become a world-shaking strategy for every vacation rental property managers to focus on an online strategy that is cost-effective, generates more bookings, protects rate parity and price integrity while reaching the broadest audience of consumers. With the right strategy and technology, more profit can be achieved with distribution excellence. And let’s see how Distribution Channels can bring more profit to you.

Vacation Rental business kicked the boom with the help of HomeAway, Airbnb, and various OTA’s such as Expedia, Priceline etc. The rise of Airbnb and the start of sharing economy boosted the opening of next chapter in vacation rental evolution. All of this has resulted in more consumers turning towards vacation rentals. People searched for alternative accommodations other than hotels and thus more competition took place than ever before in this industry.

How does Distribution Channels bring more profit?

Listing your inventory in various distribution channels help them to reach more customers and thus increase the occupancy. Once you choose the right distribution channels you can manage your availability, inventory, and rates to maximize revenue with the technology support. Choosing the distribution channels should be specific and it should meet your unique goals. You should also have a look on their strategic pricing and promotion plans, search engine rankings, their customer support etc.


Distribution channels make information and services available in a cost-effective platform. Channel management is a key element to a successful distribution strategy. So when you ask, what can a best channel management platform offer you? Yes, the answer is – it helps to connect your properties with all major booking sites and millions of visitors. These platforms can support owners, managers and agents to offer, book and update properties through all available channels. The updates and bookings are registered instantly and synced throughout the network. With this you can boost your reach and exposure dramatically. With your property management system (PMS) connected to the channel manager, the major benefits are  :

Listing your property on all major booking websites

–  More exposure

–  More bookings

–  Helps in updating rates & availability instantly

–  avoid overbooking

–  sync booking information automatically with your calendar

Thus helps bringing your vacation rental inventory to a global travel consumer audience, while allowing property managers to concentrate on their business strategy.

Vafion as the preferred technology partner 

Vafion has been providing integration services exclusively to the vacation rental industry. As a result, we have the expertise integrating with almost all players in this industry. Our engineering team have developed a platform Vafion API  Integration Platform which can fast track and reduce integration efforts to nearly half. This platform can reuse our learning curve associated with a particular channel integrations.



We at Vafion, specialize in providing product engineering services to hospitality and travel companies.  Please write to or fill the contact form,  for a quick chat.

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