20 best practices to consider while choosing the channel management technology

Channel Management technology allows you to work with a huge variety of channels and increase your distribution power. Channel Management technology is now maturing and it has become an important discipline for every hotelier. The hotel sector appears to be smartened up and is making a shift towards tools that simply offers better technology.  Now every hotel chain has realized the need of focusing on the best tools that help in gaining increased hotel revenue. With the channel manager solution, you will be able to distribute your rooms to online channels.

Channel management offers a great array of advantages, Read our blog on Advantages of working with OTA Channels. Choosing the proper channel management system can provide you right functionality and best of  solutions for your business. It is better to know these practices while choosing your channel management system.

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20 best practices to consider while choosing the channel management technology

  1. Number of connected channels your channel manager supports you to work with
  2. Whether you are able to manage your rates/ inventory across all of the channels that you need to manage?
  3. How many channels can you manage simultaneously via the channel management tool?
  4. How easy / complex in connecting to a new channel?
  5. What type of connections does the channel management tool have with 3rd parties? ( technology used – XML or any other)
  6. Can the channel management system pull data from extranets easily and quickly?
  7. General /Advanced functionalities of extranet
  8. Getting notified about the importance of certain dates/events you are managing
  9. Period of time you are able to manage –  Whether there a limit like 3 days, A week, A month or so?
  10. What kind of customer support is provided when you have technical challenges?
  11.  Can you have multiple user levels for different people or departments?
  12. Do you have complete control over your price strategy?
  13. Can you easily implement new rate patterns by day of the week?
  14. Can you manage your rate supplements easily?
  15. The capability of your  channel management tool to change tax settings when required?
  16. Can you give certain channels more availability than other channels?
  17. Can you create a group of all your suites on all sales channels combined, and add or reduce inventory for just this room type, on all sales channels simultaneously?
  18. How fast can you load your rate and how fast the change is accepted by the system ?Security and error reporting by your channel management system
  19. How easily can you track when specific changes were made? Say, for which channel, and for a specific future date?
  20. Is channel management the core business of your system provider, or is it an add-on tool via for example an interface?

You should keep all these in concern when you choose a channel management tool for your business. At Vafion, we can help you to reduce the integration efforts or help you in selling more through channels. If you are interested in exploring how Vafion can support your challenges in Channel Management Technology, Fill the form below. We will contact you shortly.

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