5 trends to know before strategizing your mobile based marketing

Mobile marketing has emerged as today’s trend, and mastering it can make the difference between increased conversion and stagnation.  When it comes to the leaders in Travel and Hospitality industry, they structure their mobile apps to get best success results for their brands. In today’s world, Smartphone and tablet has become the most preferred devices to surf the Internet. This is already the case within many emerging markets and it made each and every organization to re-think about its digital strategy.

Here are the trends marketers should know when it comes to mobile marketing.

1) Content is always the King

Content is necessary for both your mobile as well as desktop website. Quality content with pretty pictures can sell your property or attract travelers to your site. Every traveler will be looking for solutions that they can enjoy and solves their problems. If your content quality is not good traveler won’t stick around to your website. Quality contents can also increase your search engine rankings. Positive user generated contents with easy click-share buttons can produce positive effect to travelers and thus they  click and share your contents in social medias like facebook, twitter etc. This helps to increase visitors to your site and thus more traffic and conversion rate.


Studies shows that tablet users “require deep, visually enhanced content” while mobile users require “slimmed-down content”. This means that to increase mobile conversion rates, you need more graphics than text .

2) Reviews to increase mobile conversions

Mobile shoppers who view customer reviews show a 133% higher conversion rate. Travel reviews are critical in decision-making, and it’s now a requisite to make them easily accessible on your mobile optimized sites and apps. Summarizing and optimizing reviews for mobile users also increases conversion rate. This means that reviews must be presented in a digestible format. Visual review content is another technique i.e reviews can be summarized in a bulleted list, as bar charts, highlights of “tops and flops”, and more.


3) Responsive Web Design to Increase Mobile Conversion

Many users search on their smartphones on Google for travel information, and if the mobile site doesn’t appear, their mobile experience will be less satisfactory.  So it is necessary for all travel and hospitality website to move to responsive design for better results.


According to the report from Google, 46% of leisure travelers (and 61% of business travelers) use a smartphone to check into their flight.


4) Mobile Apps for Customer Satisfaction

Here are certain examples from travel and hospitality industry that brought their apps to increase their customer satisfaction

Expedia’s new app for tablets offers a streamlined user experience, allowing combined flight and hotel searches. They’ve also incorporated Scratchpad so customers can save an itinerary they’ve started putting together, allowing them to return to it later using their tablet or any other Web-capable device.

AirBnB simplified its mobile user experience by turning to larger, cleaner images, hoping to entice users to move from browsing to booking.

Hyatt’s app, provides easy access to Uber and car rentals, including estimated price for a trip, confirmation codes, phone numbers, reservation dates and times, etc.

5) Valuable Exclusive Offers to App Users

If you want users to stick with your app, give them app-exclusive offers, options, or services to make it worth their while. Travelocity, Groupon, and Expedia all said in recent articles that they offer such exclusive offers to their app users.

As hospitality industry is updating its technology, now are you wondering if your mobile presence or business solutions meet all your expectations?

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