Managing multiple OTAs with Channel Manager

Managing multiple OTAs with Channel Manager. Hotel manager can no longer afford to rely on walk-in and offline bookings for business. Today the primary factor for hotel’s success lies in its occupancy, and it depends on a lot on how they distribute their inventory on different OTAs. Needless to say, when hotels distribute their properties across multiple OTAs they attract visitors from across the world.

There has never been a better time to sell your inventory when you have a powerful tool called the “Internet”. Unfortunately, the problem is how to manage multiple channels and allocate inventory on all. Though hotels have their own PMS, but it only helps them in their internal operations, but for the larger business interest, one needs to have hotel channel manager, which seamlessly distributes your property across many online platforms.

There are so many OTAs and the hotels are under pressure to sell their properties in as many channels they can in order to widen their reach, but this complicates their reservation process. Millions of hotel rooms are booked in a day, and in such case a delay of few seconds is more than enough for a room to be booked by multiple guests.

The most crucial thing in this process is to update inventory and prices, and it’s hard for the Hotel’s manager to do it manually every time when a booking is made. It’s not only time-consuming for the staff, which they can otherwise use it for other productive work. As said above a slight delay will end up in double-booking and put your brand in jeopardy. The hotel not only ends up ruining guest’s experience, but it ends up earning a bad name, which then put them in a PR spin.

This is where a hotel channel manager comes into play, as it easily simplifies the distribution of the hotel’s properties. At Vafion, we recommend Channel manager that can be integrated in real-time with the hotel’s PMS. This way it ensures that no double-booking takes place. Any change in the room inventory will immediately reflect not only on the connected OTA, but also on all online platforms.

All the updates on the channel manager are through 2-way XML connectivity, so any reservation whether it is from the hotel website, by walk-in or by travel agents it gets updated instantly, and simultaneously across all other platforms. Having a robust channel manager makes it easy for hotel managers to list their properties on as many OTAs they want. You need not have to worry about one room getting booked by two peoples.

There was a time when Channel Managers were not easily accepted by the hoteliers, but with the advent of cloud technology the scenario has completely changed for the better. This has revolutionized the hospitality industry. Today any hotel of any size has the power to use an enterprise-level solution like channel manager and PMS. Hotels that are still not ready to adapt to technology disruption are in for a huge mistake.

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