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Technology investment in the hospitality sector is going to be at a record high in the coming days. Hotels spend around six percent of their revenue on technology that includes system maintenance and innovation. Our research shows that 54% of hotels across the world plan to upgrade their technology in the coming days.

With mobile technology customers have started expecting high in the business context, and it has increased the potential for interaction. For instance, a driver in a connected car is able to get help from app and data sharing like; find the route with less traffic, find the cheapest parking lot nearby, get a hotel reservation two miles away or find restaurant and book dinner. These services are possible when apps are connected through a broad ecosystem, which is enabled through APIs. Soon you will see insurance companies integrating with cars and so forth. This is possible with the help of technologies like mobility, big data and cloud, and not to mention the unlimited computational power. Disruptive companies operate on one key factor and that’s API because it has the ability to create innovations, and transform a whole host of industries.

The API platform enables modern integration and helps manage complexity. The open source platform securely connects to back-end services and works on any technology stack. It’s a platform that works the way you want. Vacation rental industries and hotels can share data with the right people. 

APIs and API management ensure your organization is agile and stays agile, as they are fundamental in a disruptive market. They improve your speed and ensure you stay ahead in the race. If you are ready to start your journey you have to leverage your API. The Vafion’s  API platform can define the best way to meet your unique needs.

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