Accelerate your API integrations in hospitality industry

Are you exploring the ways to accelerate your API integration efforts in the hospitality industry? – You will be interested in reading this!

On a mission to provide accelerated API integration to our customers in the hospitality domain, we combined our technological know-how and industry expertise. The fusion resulted in building a dedicated platform which churns out API integrations in lightning speed. This could be Property Management System (PMS)  Integration, Channel Integrations, Payment Integrations, Booking Engine Integrations, Global Distribution System (GDS) Integrations, Quick Book Integrations, Accounting Software Integrations etc The results were amazing, the integration effort was reduced by half and we could deliver the projects well ahead of the time. This helped hospitality businesses emphasis more on their daily business and not to over-think about technology.

How was the platform so effectively built?


What benefits does the platform bring to you?

  • 100% trusted integrations and error/exception handling.
  • Ready for quick complex data transformations, translations, and integrations.
  • Lower cost per integrations
  • Regular availability and performance
  • Connectivity support for various data formats like Mongo, MySQL, Oracle, XML, JSON.
  • Multi-step, Multistage data integration and processing, which helps in the ability to stop/start/restart the process from different stages.

Why Team Vafion?

  • Quality deliverables and speedy turnaround to develop and deliver our services.
  • Always look to integrate best practices and new technologies in every project development we take part in.
  • Experience working with major property management software and online payments, booking engine etc.
  • We optimize development life cycles by offering dedicated developers with specialized technology, industry experience.
  • Transparent communication and scalability, keeping projects on time and within budget.

Typical API Integration Project Cycle

  1. Finding Business  Opportunity
  2. Technical Discovery
  3. Design & Development
  4. Test & Certifications
  5. On-boarding
  6. Production version release
  7. Maintenance

Our ability to leverage the learning curve associated with various integrations is  what makes to be a leader in  hospitality API  integrations. This makes us a sensible option than your technical team or other technology providers who don’t have much experience with similar integrations. We differentiate ourselves from them  in terms of speed, cost effectiveness, and error handling while performing API integrations for your company.

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