How Ideal Channel Management Can Churn More Revenue?

Every minute is important and you are missing out on your potential customer. Knowing your potential customers and your competitors are crucial for the development of a strong business. We believe that one of the basis for successful hospitality business is by having solid channel management.

Needless to say in hospitality you are in a highly competitive market, especially when it’s online. Your contenders are big players with a big budget and they enjoy  higher visibility. Hotels are increasingly using different tools to reach as many clients as possible.  Customers go to online distribution channels to search hotels, and some independent hotels collaborate with the OTAs to improve their online visibility, and it’s a good move.

We always believe that technology should be tolerable and flexible and make the business run efficiently. Over the years Channel Management has matured and has become one of the most important disciplines in the hotel industry. Just having a Channel Management is not enough, but it should have the ability to:-

  1. Connect to multiple channel source,
  2. Should have advanced extranet functionality,
  3. User levels and access rights, and
  4. Real-time updates.

Channel Management should be a great opportunity.

Technology is all about making life easier, and what could be easier if channel management integrates with the PMS that the hotel is using. As API Integration company, we strongly advocate that integration really helps, because automatically all reservations will be downloaded into the PMS from the channel manager. This way, hotels save time with zero-error.

How can Vafion help in ideal channel management?

Vafion specializes in  API integration services for channel management in travel and hospitality industry.  We are also into XML API Integration for Vacation Rentals, Car Rentals, Cruise Liners, Flights, Activities, Ferry, Bus, Payment integrations, PMS and GDS Integrations etc.  

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