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It is not in our intention to be critical of any business model or profession. We are only being pragmatic, with specific examples to make our point. In other words, we intend to say that one need to have disruptive technologies to rule the roost.

When a business closes, it usually has a good sized pile of debts—to landlords and suppliers. We have seen perplexing things like, a successful company not able to meet challenges calls it a day. It puts their associate, suppliers in the doldrum. Recently, we saw a renowned company as Merchant of Records not able to keep up with the financial commitments had to suspend its business.

When we work as a mediator, there are more at stakes, and organisations need to have a clear vision for the long run. You have suppliers as well distributors to deal with, and if not planned properly, you are out of the race.  It has also stranded the Ancillaries.

Frankly, this is not what we want to talk, but to take a cue from it.

The lesson learnt,

Is simple, remove intermediaries (channel managers). We have seen similar things happen in the past. E-commerce eliminate stores, Uber eliminate taxi, Magicbricks eliminate real estate agents, travel websites eliminate travel agency, and now the self-driven car will probably eliminate drivers.

I may have exaggerated a bit. The stores, taxis, real estate agents, drivers are here to stay. The point is that they will have to co-exist with their counterparts. We cannot dismiss the fact that any business that disintermediates and uses technology has a good chance to be successful.

Property Managers working with OTA

A simple recipe for property managers with PMS to be successful is to gain a direct connection to OTAs. Needless to say, when working with OTAs your property stands to gain maximum exposure. Imagine 40 million monthly visitors from across 180 countries seeing your property. Probably integrating directly to an OTA will expose your property to a large section of visitors from across the world.


How to do that?

Implementing the most flexible open-source API integrating tool. Property managers can just become a part of the OTA network. A single cost-effective connection will open the window to the world’s leading OTAs. As you implement this nothing changes on the OTA front, it’s business as usual. Your properties will display as before on the OTA website, the only difference is you will be dealing directly with the guest.

At Vafion we believe big data should be seamlessly handled. API integration platform enables seamless integration through a cloud-based workspace. You can connect your properties across all OTAs. Save time, be the merchant of records, and ensure quick ROI, and above all eliminate risk. 

“This is a workable solution based on disruptive technology,” said Binu, CEO Vafion. “We are looking at it from a problem-solving angle.”


In this case, both the property managers and OTAs will be in a win-win situation. No intermediaries mean no new charges. So the prices will not go up, nor the margins and you use OTAs as part of a bigger marketing spread. There are no credit risks attached here, and no business continuity risk too.

Cost-effective Solution

API integration platform solves this problem by offering a platform that is easy to set up with added security features. It can scale to meet the needs of the project. A purely standalone solution, once deployed, our role at vafion will be restricted to maintenance and support. Rest it’s all at your disposal. And for anything we are only one mouse-click away.

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