Earned Media Vs OTA Ranking?

Let me start by stating this issue which most vacation rental property owners are facing:

How to improve the OTA ranking?


“On Booking.com, we seldom found ourselves in the top five pages, and on Expedia and Airbnb we typically ranked 300 to 400.”  Is this a real concern?

Booker behavior is the key here. In case of a vacation rental property, bookers prefer to go by the reviews. Travellers search by reviews before they take any decisions. Nielson’s Global Trust in Advertising Report surveyed 28,000 respondents in 56 countries and an overwhelming 92% said they completely trust recommendations from people they know. 70% also completely trust consumer opinions posted online more than any other advertising source.


Earned Media means reviews written by guests with first-hand experience of your property.Earned media drives your online reputation. Travellers value each other’s opinions more than ever and, like it or not, peer reviews are now a fundamental driver of the property’s online presence.

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