Dockerization – A world of containers

Docker is an open platform to build -> Ship -> Run distributed application. A common toolbox for development, testing, deployment and operation team. The lightweight containers are here to stay and make a difference to the proprietary Virtual machine technologies which have dominated the market for years.

At Vafion Labs, we embrace technologies and DevOps best practices. We see Docker providing a great value in automating and creating a predictable and consistence development, testing and production environment with less hassle. Our Technology consulting group, provides consulting to most of our customer to move towards Dockerization.

A Docker container looks like this,

  1. Bare metal server
  2. HostOS
  3. Docker Image and apps.


Docker secret sauce is the description of dependencies and centralized repository to pull all necessary components at runtime. This makes it small footprint and handy tool for DevOps and packaging.

Out of many management consoles to Kubernetes, Mesos, Shipyard are getting industry traction (manage, dynamic scale the docker instances).



Clustering at application level to Container level clustering, Docker supports clustering inherently using Docker Swarm module


Waiting for more announcement and features, stay tuned for the next blog !

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