13 Tips & Queries to ensure your rental website makes google happy.

Google in the past focused mainly on the inputs such as the content on your site, the structure of your site and the profile of links coming into your site. Over the years people have tried to game this system, which made it necessary for Google to continuously update its algorithm. Google came up with much better game that made it move towards measuring not only the content and structure of your website, but how your website serves your visitors (which serves as the output).


Google can track the performance of your website by measuring its bounce rate, time on site, pages per visit,the click-through rate of search engine results and whether or not searchers are returning to the search results to find a better answer or if they’re going back and modifying their searches etc. However, Google uses a process called machine learning to detect patterns in searcher behavior and better understand how all this affects a searcher’s satisfaction with the results it returns.Google will use this information to determine whether your website is helping searchers solve their problem. If it is,Google will rank your website higher. If it’s not, then expect Google to rank your website lower.

 Make sure you are giving guests the best experience possible when they come to your  website.

 Here are a few things to consider:

-Are your travelers able to find what they really need from your website?

-Do you make it easy for Travelers to make a booking when they visit your website?

-Is there is proper content on your website relevant to what potential guests are searching  for?

-Your content needs to be better than what your competitors offer.

 As the quality of your content is measured in engagement, you have to consider certain  factors:

1. It should fulfill need for the searcher.

2. It should load quickly.

3.  Deliver a great user experience.

4.  Make travelers visit more pages on your website.

5. Doesn’t annoy travelers, making them leave your website.

6. Provide a uniquely positive user experience through the user interface, visuals,  layout,     fonts, patterns, etc.

7. Deliver content that is some substantive combination of high-quality, trustworthy,  useful  and interesting.

8. Should be considerably different in scope and detail from other works on similar  topics.

9. Load quickly and is usable on any device or browser.

10. Create an emotional response of awe, surprise, joy, anticipation, and/or admiration.

11. Achieve an impressive quantity of amplification. (through shares on social networks   and/or links)

12.  Solve a problem or answers a question by providing comprehensive, accurate,  exceptional information or resources.

13.  Be sure that your website content can answer questions and solve problem better  than others.

Questions to be considered in analyzing your website.

1. Does the information available are easy to consume?

2. Does it suits to their needs?

3. Does it use related keywords?

4. Is the information unique or at least better than on other websites?

5. Does it help searchers fulfill their end goal?

6. Does the meta title summarize the page?

7. Can they trust the URL?

8. Does the meta description get them interested enough to click?

9. Do your  web pages get  more shares and social engagement?

10. Is your content shareable on social media channels ? (More shares means more clicks,   more traffic and more conversions and there by more bookings).

11. Does your visitor engages well with the page? (Google sees influxes in traffic)

12. Is your content engaging?

13. Do you make google search bots happy?

Takeaway : You build pages for both search engines and people. If you need a good page ranking in google, make google and users happy by optimizing for two algorithms; one based on inputs (makes Google happy) and other on outputs (makes searchers happy).

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