Beyond the COVID-19 Crisis – The Future State of VR Industry

No travels…No bookings…No hotels…No vacation rental…No humans- All are staying home….

Covid-19 has turned most of the industries upside down. The worst affected are the travel and hospitality. Yes, it is a complete lockdown for these industries.

According to Clayton Reid, CEO of MMGY Global, though we are now in the “fear phase” of the crisis, consumers are heading towards the understanding and action phases and “rational behaviour will follow soon after that,” Reid said.


COVID 19 impact oh hospitality industry
COVID 19 impact on hospitality industry. Empty tables in a restaurant.

One day, the battle against the novel coronavirus will be won. But the world that emerges may look very different from the one we lived in before the pandemic began. Over 60,000 people have lost their lives to Covid-19 and there are a more than a million confirmed cases with the outbreak yet to reach its peak across the developed and emerging world.

Looking past the COVID 19 crisis, people will be forced to recalibrate life to the norms of social distancing. In the post COVID period, we at Vafion predict travelers (leisure and business) avoiding hotels to maintain social distancing. Examples of cruise ships becoming the epicentre of the COVID pandemic will surely keep people away from group living with unknown people. Home stays and VR accommodations will be preferred over hotels simply because it helps in maintaining the social distancing better than a hotel. Travelers will prefer home stays with open spaces and windows vis-a-vis closed rooms in hotels with chillers recycling the air 24 x 7. Leisure travelers might also like the option to cook food than eating in a crowded restaurant.

Preparedness of the VR industry players to this change will decide their plight in the post COVID era. This is the right time to make the strategic investment and keep building the tools for tomorrow.

At Vafion, we have already taken up many such strategic initiatives. One of such initiatives is on readiness of property managers/owners to cater the surge of booking expected from business travellers.

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