Vacation Rental Owners, Now you can accept payments Online! – Online payments for Vacation Rentals

One of the big questions and concerns about vacation rentals is how to accept payments from guests. Asking a guest to send a check in the mail can often cause users to feel uncomfortable about their reservation and/or delay in payment. Waiting for cheque to arrive and clear the bank can also cause management challenges.

Now, this can be solved by securely accepting credit cards and electronic payments. With this you can process payments immediately and verify that the payments are received easily. One of the best method is by using PayPal, an industry-leading payment solution that many sellers on eBay have used to accept credit cards for years, charges no set-up fees.

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How does Paypal works for your Vacation Rental?

-The first step is to create a free Business Account on PayPal. Your Tax ID number is your Social Security number. You can create an account directly at

-After that you have to verify your account.This allows you to obtain a small verification code.

-You can now email invoices to guests through PayPal, which will allow them to pay by credit card.

– PayPal will process the credit card and credit your account minus a small transaction fee.

PayPal does not charge for setting up an account or withdraw funds. It makes money by deducting a small transaction fee each time someone uses a credit card to pay.
Transaction fees range depending upon transaction volume. The fact that you offer a credit card option helps guest to feel more comfortable with the transaction. Vafion is an industry leader who provide payment gateway integrations to different channels. Please write to  if you have any uncertainties about payment integrations.

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