5 virtues which lead management can offer your vacation rental business.

You may be wondering what does lead management system can offer your vacation rental business? Here are five virtues by which lead management system can increase your vacation revenue.

1. Efficiently handle and prioritize inquiries from phone, web, and email.

On an average the vacation home renter will inquire at approximately seven different homes before booking. This large volume of inquiries from many listing sites poses challenges for vacation rental management companies from how to organize them to respond efficiently. Without tools and tactics for fielding listing leads, the inquiries can be lost or go stale.

Vacation Rental Lead Management System Nibodha

2. Storing all of your leads and quotes

For Vacation Rental success both quantity and quality must be optimized for true success. A balance of quality and quantity is important for a diligent and deft lead management which will results in a more profitable vacation rental operation.

5 virtues which lead management system

3. Reply faster with leads, quotes, and availability

It is estimated that following up on a lead within one hour increases the chances of earning a conversation by seven times. The first to respond is often the rental to win the reservation.

vacation rental lead management system Nibodha

4. Increase conversion rates

Outbound calls to inquiries have a significantly higher conversion rate. In addition to rapid email responses, following up quickly via the voice channel establishes a relationship with the prospect and builds trust, something many guests require more of when booking a vacation rental.  An outbound sales program keeps the value potential alive by continuing the conversation. The value is further enhanced when a recouped booking does not become a guest of the competition. In this case not only is first-time revenue earned, repeat guest potential increases.

vacation rental lead management system Nibodha

5. Maintain detailed history for each inquiry and for each guest

Maintaining a detailed history of inquiry and each guests may be tedious for a single person. There are many lead management tools available today which can automate inquiry tracking through Auto-Agent tools which can ensure that each inquiry and each guest is well stored to be retrieved at any time.

vacation rental lead management system Nibodha

Each and every lead has its own value. The value of an inquiry depends on a variety of factors unique to every vacation rental. Better lead management and the creation of an outbound sales program can increase this value. Results from outbound sales vary depending on the level of investment. Revenue growth and performance will be improved. The outbound calls enhance the guest experience by creating personalized and thoughtful outreach.

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