Make your rentals standout! Display Visual and Engaging Videos with YouTube

As YouTube is the SECOND largest search engine in the world and the mother of all video sites, a lot of people uses YouTube to find what they want and need. More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month!Showcasing your vacation rental on YouTube can help you seal the deal with travelers and to drive traffic to your website.

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Videos play as a powerful means to showcase your vacation rental and also help to set expectations. With the video tours your guest can learn more about the vacation rentals they will potentially rent.With the video you might answer some of your guests’ questions about the layout of your home or the size of the rooms and ultimately reduce the time you spend answering those questions via email or phone calls. Once they have taken the time to view the video tour, your inquiries are more qualified, and your guests have more confidence to book.

Other benefits of YouTube is that:

 1)you can generate new bookings

 2)drive traffic to your website

 3)help your website’s SEO.

Here are basic tips on how to get found on YouTube:

–  Include a short, descriptive, branded Keyword Rich Title for your video.

–  Don’t forget to make your video public so your video is searchable

–  Choose the right category for your video

–  Use the description to actually describe the video and include relevant keywords

–  Tag the video with appropriate tags that include your keywords

–  Input at least one call to action: a link to your vacation rental website.

– Encourage the viewer to get more info and ultimately book!

–  Set the sharing option to Public once you are ready to launch it.

–  Make an effort to interact with people who comment.

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