Why the vacation rental stay in a Kerala village has more life in it?

Kerala is a state in South India on the Malabar coast and is known as Gods Own Country. Kerala has some of the best tourist destinations in India for any kind holiday. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and is named as one of the ten paradises of the world. Rural Kerala has much to offer to the world and is famous especially for its responsible tourism activities. Kerala is very popular for its panoramic and scintillating views. The fun filled beaches, backwaters and rich traditional culture makes it one of the best places to spend your vacation.


Villages also compose important tourist attractions in Kerala and provides great experience to the visitors. The village people  are more traditional and add a final cultural dimension. The village people follow ancient traditions and live their lives according  to a direct pattern. The tourists visiting Kerala are more ready towards the village life due to its culture rich background. Tourists  consider it to be one of the most prominent attractions of Kerala when they plan a tour to Kerala. Village life comprises of the main backbone of the state in India. The villages in Kerala offer a dazzle and mesmerizing experience through its natural flora and fauna. Travellers who have craze for knowledge about traditional ways of life, rural activities and culture will be attracted to visit rural Kerala if the concept of Village Life Experience is marketed well.The serene backwaters, swaying coconut farms, soothing paddy fields, everything makes the village life of Kerala a memorable experience.

Many interesting things awaits in Kerala coastal region that are worth your time, money and energy. The stupendous greenery, coconut tree fringed canals, palm swaying lakesides, green-clad hill stations, exotic wildlife, calm beaches, crystal clear waterfalls, Ayurvedic heritage, artistic history, house Boats, backwaters sandy beaches etc are major attractions.In accordance with festivals, cultural performances are practised mainly in the evenings. Various dances like Kathakkali and Mohiniyattam and even other dance-forms from other states like Kuchipudi and Bharathanatyam are performed mainly in nights. Folk art forms like Pavakkoothu, Villupattu, Kakkarisi Natakam and the famous Panchavadyam of Kerala are also major attractions. Kerala’s famous Martial Art forms like Kalaripayattu and Theyyam are other attractions of Kerala. There are small, handicraft industries in the villages. Moreover, handloom, marine products and other small-scale industries also play an important role in the economy of Kerala.


Studies shows that tourist arrivals to State from European countries have registered a 4.8 per cent increase from the past year. For the new age traveller who is constantly on the look out for extraordinary experiences, there is a wide range of vacation rental options in India. Vacation Rentals offer security and privacy, homely atmosphere, local food and helps guests imbibe the local culture and that too at economical rates compared to hotels and resorts.Another big advantage of vacation rental is they offer a big opportunity to experience the Indian culture and way of  life which the overseas guests look forward.


Many of the vacation rentals promotes village life and culture. These properties are put in sites and other verticals which promote village life. This enables guests to have special experiences like rural tourism / agriculture / cuisine / culture. The new traveller is looking for these special experiences. In Kerala traditional products like Ayurveda and the backwaters have remained popular among foreign tourists, especially those from Europe, new tourism products like Village Life Experience have been attracting more and more visitors to the State. The marketing campaigns by Kerala Tourism along with partners in the tourism and hospitality sector will be boosting foreign tourist arrivals in the coming years.

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