Disruptive Technologies in Hospitality Sector

Hospitality technology is increasingly becoming sophisticated. Systems are now able to attract and entertain customers, and encourage them to visit again. Technologies are not only for business benefits, but also to strengthen operational intelligence.

Digital disruption is the change that occurs with digital technologies and adds value to the proposition of existing goods and services. As we shift from cash-based economy to one of the digital transactions, we start leaving digital footprints around us. The smart brand that is using the information ethically, we can start tailoring and create experiences that are truly personalised, just like once upon a time it used to be when you know your bank manager in your local environment. The digital can support the tradition. So how will this impact your space?

In the era of globalisation, platforms have also gained significance for the digital economy and are heavily community focused. For instance AirBnb, they took 4 years to build 650,000 room in 192 countries, compare to Marriot which took 88 years to build 697,000 rooms in 80 countries. So Airbnb had no inventory held themselves, and they build a great community around this brand. Today, their 10 percent of bookings are business bookings.

We have so much to learn from this digital start-up. What is that made them successful, great imagery on the website, by being hyper local, by having connoisseurs write great content about the hyper localities where you gonna stay. These are the way they build community.

The second idea is to mobilise localise branding experience. Nowadays digitalizing also includes mobilising, and it is vital because it enables customers’ to know before hand what they are into and based on which they can make smarter decisions. The customer knows in advance where they are spending their money. Because consumer today loves information; digitise, visualise, and contextual information.

The expression of catch-a-cab should now become catch-a-Uber because this is what people are opting for, and they have full transparency of the information when the cab is going to pick them. This is the new mobilise interface that we are getting used to. And of course, we are on that journey with our mobile check-in.

This also turns the customer into a hero of the future, and not only the focus is on the heritage brand but turning the customer into the journey. Any use of technology, now what GPS has done is that have created  a narrative for us. As we drive from here to NY airport we can interact with these guys to give us little tips. In fact, their tagline is to outsmart the traffic together in a social network. It is highly contextualised, highly localised, and the information is there when we needed, or in the beginning or planning the trip.

If I am a consumer and I am planning an international trip wouldn’t this type of  GPS ID contextual information will be relevant to capture my digitalize mobilise mind as well. We don’t ask the local folks for information, but instead, we go to Foursquare to know about the best joints in a locality.

Vafion is a hospitality technology partner, and here we have tried to quote few examples on how the new consumers are thinking today. These are the extension of the hospitality technology.

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