IoT Enabled Supermarket of the Future

Smartphones and Digital technology are revolutionising the way shopper experience and interact with brands both in and out of the store. We need to keep this ahead of the trend and explore new ways of tapping into it. In the next 10-years, we are going to see dramatic changes because of advancement of technologies in nearly every sector, and retail is one of those.

Imagine those old days when you walk into a store and immediately get into interacting with the stall owner about the food produce, and other details. Imagine if it has to come alive in the form of IoT-enabled market and the interaction is digitally yours.

The R&D team at vafion inspired by this story suggested a concept about the IoT-enabled future market. This was an interesting concept and our team started to conceptualise how technology can be used to make stores a place where people can establish social interaction.

At vafion, we don’t make cold use of technology, we believe technology should be designed for humans rather than designing for the sake of technology. This is not about the supermarket of the future, but the market of the future. The whole idea is to leverage cloud, mobile, big data and other technologies to improve operational efficiencies. This can be possible by tightly integrating the digital and the physical world.

We conceptualised the idea, and it may not be new. We know every aspect of a store’s layout is designed to stimulate shopping serendipity, we are not talking about that aspects, but the technology front.

On the shop floor keep the shelves low approximately at knee height of the customer, and as they walk near to the product let technology do the talking. Sensors can be used for interaction. When the customer comes close to the shelf, the motion sensors will detect which product the customer is looking at or pointing at. This simple gesture or movement of the hand will trigger visual display or information about the product, like ingredients, date of processing, shelf-life and more.

That’s the kind of detail a customer wants and it will be a fundamental shopping experience. The screen will display the complete details of the product’s journey from the farm to the shelf.

IoT is going to bring in a lot of automation in everything that will be connected to the internet and exchanging information. This basically means we will have much more time, and many things will be supported by the Internet of Things. Think for instance self-driven cars. I think this is a dream it will potentially solve the traffic jam problems because the car will know at what speed to go without stopping at any crossroad. This all seems like a science fiction, but it is really going to happen. As said above maybe in next 10-years we may probably be not talking about IoT, but about smart products, it will be about connected life.

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