IoT Enabling Smart Hospitals

We are talking about the possibilities of driverless cars, smart homes, smart TVs, smart hospitals, and all this is undoubtedly exciting.
However, nowhere we see a promising reference to IoT in the field of healthcare, where it’s primarily about better access to care, quality of care and the cost of care. At vafion, we’re excited to see our API integration platform Component Suites can be used in applications that enables IoT.
On average nurses spend approximately 3-hours of their shift in the patient’s documentation work, and not with patients. Having a smart device that connects them to their patient and to multiple medical devices will solve the problem. This smart application will have an interface that allows nurses to monitor patient data anytime and anywhere. With just one click you have the vital signs of the patient on the screen. A continuous automated flow of information will allow the nurse to monitor more patients, efficiently.
With the Internet of Things (IoT) the cost is at a certain level, and our client has an edge over other hospitals. Based on a protocol the solution collects information from sensors, and the nurse can assess the situation remotely. Any variation on the device the application will trigger the nurse’s desk enabling them to attend the patient, and simultaneously pass the information to the physician.
Nevertheless, IoT plays an important role in the broad spectrum of healthcare application. The one paradigm about its potential is that the solution employs sensors to collect information and uses gateways and the cloud to store the information, which is then sent wirelessly to the physician for review. As said above it substitutes the need for having a nurse come by at regular intervals to check the patient.Our API integration platform- is an open-source platform that enables this technology for remote monitoring. It can connect and integrate key capabilities like a gateway, wireless technology, and information sharing. The data collected from different sensors are securely stored in the cloud.
IoT (the Internet of Things) in hospitals signifies a step towards proactively managing patient care with connected devices. “A device that can report and react has become a part of the business operations. The demand for connecting devices is not restricted to hospitals alone, but also to other industries like; energy, manufacturing, agriculture, automotive and retail sector” said Binu Pankajakshan, CEO.

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