Facebook Marketing: 6 tips to drive more rental bookings

Facebook has become a successful social platform with more than one billion users log in at least once in a day.  Facebook Marketing is an excellent way to turn existing customers into repeat customers that also generate referral business. Facebook’s marketing tool Website Custom Audiences (WCA) helped advertisers to capture on-site user behavior data and target users with relevant ads so as Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) which also helped advertisers dynamically retarget their users on Facebook with recently searched products on any device. DPA has become a hit among ecommerce advertisers and performance advertisers in general. (DPA action can be explained as- when you search for a hotel on a travel site, the next time you login to Facebook you see the ad of same hotel.)

Facebook Marketing : Tips to drive revenue and generate online bookings

1)Preparing the product catalog

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Preparing the product catalog is important for hotels/travel advertisers to market in Facebook. i.e For an OTA or a metasearch website focused on hotels, the products could be either hotels or destinations. For an airline, it is a flight route between two destinations. Catalog is essential for establishing the right campaign structures for re-targeting and cross-selling their products.

2) Engaging content & photos


Photos and calls to action see higher engagement rates with posts. Pictures are very powerful on Facebook. They take up more space in the news feed and can get more engagement than a straight text post. Facebook can help you to reach all of the people who matter most to your business.

3) Post frequently


You should post at least 1-2 times per week, but not so much that people are annoyed – not more than once per day.  As people interact with your content, Facebook allows that post to be seen by more and more people – including friends  of your fans who may not even like your Page yet. Post enticing content will bring more reach to audiences even if we have only few fans on your page.

4) Be Creative


Your creative efforts can boost up your conversion rates. Placing the ad after proper customization and optimization  can help you in advertising your business effectively. For marketers advertising hotels/properties, choosing a representative creative image is easier because each hotel already has self-branded photos. But the quality matters; a carelessly selected hotel without appealing angles or not showcasing luxury features could deter conversion.

5) Tracking the success


Tracking your direct bookings that resulted through your Facebook activity is an important step. Try to correlate the effect of Facebook as an influencing source on your inquiries and bookings. For example, how many of those people who inquired on your property have “liked” your page. How many have “liked” your page after visiting your website or inquiring on your property? How many referrals did you receive from your Facebook fans?

These measurements will help you decide whether to keep up the hard work or focus your time and resources elsewhere.

6) Requesting Reviews


Encourage guests to share their experiences and  their vacation photos on your Facebook pages. They can also link directly to your site from their own Facebook, Google Plus, or other social media platform.

There are over 800 million users worldwide who think Facebook is a great idea. They share everything on Facebook these days. Hence these tips can bring more exposure to your facebook marketing plans .

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