A Brief Insight Into Hotel Mapping

Hotel mapping is the process of combining property IDs from several sources. In terms of a hotel booking flow, this reduces inconsistencies and also avoids listing duplication. 

You will find the same kind of room in a hotel listed differently across various platforms. This gives rise to confusion. And since it’s not possible to correct it manually, you need some help. This is where the technology of hotel mapping can come to your assistance as the content across all platforms can now be unified.

Hotel mapping includes many details, including contact information, address, ZIP code, and policies, among others.

In fact, you can even opt for room mapping with some software providers. This ensures that your customers will get information about the room type, name, view, and even bed type when they search for it online. 

Utilising hotel mapping software can help you reclaim that control and organise the information, which will enhance the reliability and accuracy of the information you provide and, ultimately, increase customer happiness. An OTA can select the best rate and increase the number of bookings if the rates provided by several suppliers vary.

Room mapping

Some software suppliers also offer room mapping as a separate module, while hotel mapping is a more general concept.

When buying from several providers, there may be variations at the room-level, just like in hotels. The same room, for instance, can be referred to as a “Deluxe Double,” “Luxury,” or “Exclusive.”

So room mapping addresses the issue of duplication the inventory-related content, such as:

  • room type,
  • room name,
  • view,
  • amenities,
  • bed type, etc.

Room mapping solutions follow the same logic as hotel mapping systems do. They analyze the room data, standardize it, and remove repetitions and unnecessary details, allowing for increased clarity and customer experience.

Why hotel mapping and quality of inventory data matter


  • User experience –  When searching for and reserving hotels, travellers could notice duplicate rooms. Although not essential in and of itself, the quality of the content obtained from various sources may differ. Lacking or poor descriptions and images harm user experience and damage trust.  Therefore, it is preferable to have a single source of truth and select the top-notch, most up-to-date content to display.



  • Cost of mapping errors – Besides mapping being necessary, mapping data quality is no less critical. Mapping providers claim to achieve 99.99 to 99.999 percent of mapping accuracy. Eventually, every mapping error damages a company’s P&L and reputation.


  • Look-to-book ratio and margins – The same room sourced from different suppliers will likely have different rates since suppliers partner with hotels on individual terms. Quality mapping will allow you to choose lower rates to increase conversion and prioritize those offers that suggest higher margins.

How To Start With Hotel Mapping?

You will come across many software providers like GIATA, Gimmonix, Vervotech etc…

Typically, these companies offer two types of solutions: 

  • You use an online tool with a user-friendly interface. Simply upload the hotel inventory file, select distributors for mapping, and get the data back.
  • The other option is API which is a lot more sophisticated and accurate. Moreover, the most significant benefit of APIs is that they allow you to update information without repeating the whole process.

GIATA: The largest hotel database with automated and manual mapping

This is perhaps the largest hotel database that offers options for both automated and manual mapping.

GIATA is a Berlin-based provider that has been operating since 1996.Its large hotel catalog contains over 1000,000 properties. 

Even Google is their client. Further, GIATA offers a mapping service to both hotels and travel agencies. It uses a universal property code, GIATA multicode, for this purpose.

GIATA combines both automated and manual mapping. The solution uses AI technologies that involve fuzzy logic, a grading-based machine learning approach. Those properties that, for various reasons, can’t be processed automatically undergo manual checks to achieve higher mapping quality. As processed, a property gets a default GIATA MultiCode, the property’s unique ID matched to the supplier’s property codes.

GIATA Room Type Mapping (RTM) is used dynamically as part of a live search and booking or to assist in building an internal room type cache/database. Also, the solution uses natural language processing in multiple languages, including English, German, Spanish, French, and others. GIATA has a separate online solution for processing standardized hotel descriptions in 25 languages via XML API. Plus, it offers property factsheets in 42 languages and related photos. GIATA claims to have 99.998 percent mapping accuracy.


This travel technology company offers fully automated cloud-based solutions for mapping. The data obtained via this software is nearly 99% accurate. And if that wasn’t impressive enough, it takes the software only 24 hours to process the data.

Furthermore, no manual work is required for mapping if this software is used. Basically, they offer both API integrations and GUI options for mapping. 

Gimmonix is a travel technology company that provides fully automated cloud-based solutions that largely focus on data accuracy, with Mapping.Works being the technology developed for hotel mapping. As Gimmonix claims, it takes only 24 hours to process listings data, and no manual labor is used. Currently, they have 1.9 million properties in their database.

Vervotech Mapping: 

If you want to make the best use of hotel AI, this one’s a good option. Also, with content solutions powered by AI, they offer nearly 99.99% accurate results. Moreover, the best thing about this solution is that it provides the latest content with real-time updates. 

Not only that, it further enhances the user, Vervotech is another SaaS provider of hotel mapping services that uses automated ML algorithms and claims to map content with 99.999 percent accuracy. It was established in 2018 but is already working with over 2 million hotels and 1 million apartments across more than 600 suppliers. The provider supports both a web version and API connectivity.

The data updates occur multiple times daily, so Vervotech offers real-time content. It also comes pre-integrated with all the leading inventory suppliers.

The Room Mapping module is available as part of the Hotel Mapping software or as a standalone solution with a claimed accuracy of 95 percent. It supports multilingual content.

Conclusion :- 

Hotel Mapping will not only reduce incidences of over-booking but also save a lot of your time since most of the things will be automated. Again, you will get more direct bookings, and customer satisfaction will also increase manifold.It might be tempting to try to save money by developing your own mapping tool, however, in the long run, it’s the integrated solutions that will benefit your business. Lastly, if you want to eradicate discrepancies and inconsistencies in your data available online, hotel mapping is a must.

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