What Is Expedia Virtual Card And How To Use It – Everything You Need To Know

What is Expedia Virtual Card? 

When a customer reserve a room in hotels, Expedia sends a reservation confirmation to the hotel in which they summarize customer data and the specification of the reservation. After the guests check out, the hotel had to issue an invoice to Expedia, which provided the balance, usually after 30 days.

Expedia Nibodha VirtualCard

The Expedia Virtual Card is a faster method to receive the balance of the reservation. In fact, along with the data of the customer and booking summary the details of a virtual credit card consists of a number and an expiration date are sent. After the guests check out,  the receptionist, through a common POS, provides the Virtual Debit Card and then cashing in immediately the balance of the booking as well as reported in the summary posted by Expedia.

What is the use of Virtual cards from Expedia? 

First of all it streamlines the work of who is responsible for invoicing. In fact, who does not adhere to the EVC system must issue a receipt to the customer, issue the invoice to Expedia, go to ExpediaPay, enter the invoice data and the reservation and wait about 30 days to submit the bank balance of reservations. Thanks to Virtual Card, the booking is paid in full immediately upon departure of the customer resulting in savings in human resources. After Last minute, so even Expedia streamlines the invoicing process while it remains pegged to the Booking.com’s strength i.e direct payment in  the hotel and subsequent issuance of an invoice for the amount of commissions.

A single point in disfavor of the Virtual Card is that you have to pay a percentage to your lending institution. Moreover, rule valid for all credit card payments.


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