Hotel marketing is not just a term, it’s a wide term , which narrates all of the different marketing techniques and tactics used by hotels to promote their business, attract room bookings, boost overall brand recognition, and also to attract customers from other businesses too. In many ways, hotel marketing is focused on presenting a hotel in the spotlight.It includes both online and offline marketing methods. The best marketing strategies will range numerous mediums to reach as many people as possible at the various points in the customer journey.

Why is Hotel Marketing Important? 

Hotel marketing is vital for several reasons, but one of the most significant is that it allows hotels to precisely highlight what they have to offer customers and distinguish themselves from rival hotels and other forms of accommodation that may be competing for the same types of guests. A good hotel marketing strategy can be the difference between success and failure in a highly competitive industry. When your hotel has the right marketing mix and the right marketing content, you maximize your chances of reaching the right audience, generating sales, enhancing your reputation and boosting business outcomes.

10 Essential Hotel Marketing Strategies :


  • Hygiene


In the Hotel industry hygiene and cleanliness have always played an important role. And now, this importance grew to new levels as the coronavirus pandemic emerged, with customers needing to know that the hotels they stayed in were taking the issue seriously and taking the necessary measures to keep their properties as clean and safe as possible. However, while some may have viewed this as a short-term priority, in reality, the need for hygiene is here to stay. The pandemic made customers more aware of the importance of cleanliness, and those expectations will not disappear. It is, therefore, vital that the right steps are taken and that this is communicated through marketing efforts. 


  • Your Website – The No.1 Distribution Channel


Marketing efforts are mainly focused to generate bookings for hotel rooms or services, and maximizing bookings requires you to use multiple channels.The most crucial distribution channel of all: your hotel website, where bookings can be generated without paying a commission. Of course, essential steps need to be taken to make the most of your website. For instance, SEO efforts can help customers find your website through search engines. But, at the same time, you need to make intelligent use of web design to ensure visitors can use the website to make their bookings without hitting unnecessary roadblocks.


  • Big Data; Get to Know Your Guests by Analysing Data


Collecting and storing the data of customers helps you for the future strategies, data can improve the customer experience, resulting in a more personalized, targeted experience.

The Rise of big data provides both challenges and opportunities for hotels. Modern businesses deal with vast amounts of data, much of which is related to customers. Still, it can be precious when the information is collected intelligently, appropriately stored, analyzed, and then utilized to inform strategies. More specifically, big data can be essential for an effective revenue management strategy, allowing you to optimize pricing and availability, while making evidence based forecasts about levels of demand. 


  • Increase Direct Traffic with SEO 


As previously stated, attracting direct traffic to your website should be one of the primary goals of your marketing strategy and search engine optimization can help with this. By carrying out keyword research, embracing mobile optimisation and creating fresh new content regularly, you can attract visitors and keep them back. The primary goal behind SEO is to increase visibility on search engine results pages, so people who use sites like Google and Bing become more likely to see your website among their hotel-related search results. This is vital for maximizing website traffic, because it provides you with visitors who may otherwise be unaware of your hotel. 

  •  Make Sure Your Hotel Benefits From Voice Search

In the modern age It is no longer enough to focus on conventional text-based searches alone when it comes to optimizing search engine results. Instead, hotels also need to make sure they benefit as much as possible from voice search technology and virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant and Cortana. To get the most from voice search activity, you need to ensure your SEO efforts focus on local search intent. This may mean using location-specific words within your content, making sure your address is listed on your website and your Google My Business account, and adapting keywords to focus on phrases people might say out loud. 


  • Optimize Upselling Strategies With Personalisation


 Upselling is the process of encouraging customers to purchase more expensive products or services, such as room upgrades. The aim of upselling is to make customers aware of the best options while maximizing their revenue. This is typically achieved through special offers and other marketing messages. However, to optimize an upselling strategy, it is vital to make sure these marketing messages are personalized.The leisure travelers could be tempted to pay extra for a room with a great view. Based on the data you have, it is best to focus upselling efforts on those customers who could most clearly benefit from an upgrade. Customers who feel like the offering is relevant to them are more likely to convert, which means a better experience for them, increased revenue for the hotel, and better overall financial results.



  •  Online Travel Agencies to Attract Leisure Guests


To attracting leisure guests to our hotel, it is important to reach out beyond our website to find customers who are not currently aware of our hotel.One of the best ways to do this is through online travel agencies, which can connect customers to our hotel – usually in exchange for a commission fee. This can be especially important for hotels that need to fill vacancies, because selling the room and paying the commission fee is far from having empty rooms. For customers, OTAs serve as a kind of ‘one-stop shop’ for hotel finding, presenting them with the various options in a single place, allowing for quick and easy comparisons.


  • Online Travel Agencies to Attract Business Guests


In addition to attracting leisure guests, many hotels emphasize attracting business guests, and their marketing efforts need to reflect this. It is also becoming increasingly common for businesses to outsource responsibility for business travel to a dedicated corporate travel agency, saving time, effort and money in the process. Therefore, to benefit from this trend, hotels also need to make themselves available to these corporate travel agencies. In most cases, such travel agencies will actually use a global distribution system to make their bookings.


  • Manage Your Hotel’s Online Reputation


Online reputation management is another increasingly important area for marketers to prioritize, especially with the Rise of review platforms. Many potential hotel guests are influenced by online reviews and will actively seek them out before booking. Once you have satisfied customers, you can encourage them to leave reviews on key online platforms. Furthermore, you can take the time to respond to any complaints or negative comments to limit the damage.


  • Offer Virtual Reality (VR)


Many hotels are offering virtual reality tours on their websites, allowing customers to experience different areas of their hotel, all from the comfort of their own home. Taking this further, it is also possible to offer VR tours of nearby attractions or tourist sites, so that people can get a sense of what to expect on their trip.

Conclusion :-

Hotel  Marketing has a crucial role in optimizing business success within the hotel industry.You can help to boost your hotel’s reputation, improve your financial results and streamline your processes by considering the above strategies.

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