Why Hospitality Sector Needs Sentiment Analysis.

Remember the 1966 song “I feel good” of James Brown. It still abridge us about the way we want to feel. The same applies when we interact with a brand or purchase a product.   

Hospitality means friendly, generous treatment of guest or visitors. Hospitality industry applies to a broad spectrum of business and its primary focus should be on customer satisfaction. The evolution of technologies and technology-driven customers are challenging hospitality sector. This forces the industry to explore more opportunities for novel experiences.

As a service provider, there are many major and minute things to be leveraged. The interaction between the service providers and customers are some of the factors that improve the customer experience (CX).  This leaves a lasting impression on a customer. By collecting such data and analyzing them gives you an idea of customer experiences. This method goes  a long way to better understand customers’.

When your product is a commodity, customers return for the experience, said Meyer. In 2015 The Forrester’s Customer Experience Index reported only 1% of American companies listed in excellent customer experience. 

As a hospitality technology partner, we believe technology can help overwhelm the customer. You can strategically place technology solution to streamline customer interaction to create a personalized and memorable experience. This way every section of the company has the opportunity to interact with the customer.

The hospitality professionals are yet to realize the potential of having such a solution.  The customer experience (CX) specialist uses this to better understand customers and give them memorable moments. Remember, any experience, no matter if it’s good or bad is an opportunity to brand your business.      

CXers introduce the technology in a personalized manner at customer touch points to connect dots and enhance high-value interaction. Understanding enables communication, which then empowers you to respond in real-time to customers. The sentiment analysis applications are broad and powerful. The application should have the ability to extract insights from other media analyze it and make it easy to understand.

Sometimes we have to break the rules when it comes to giving the customers exceptional moments. Exceptional hospitality services start with employees and not customers. Why we say this is because technology in the right hands at the right time shapes branding. The disruptive technology will only enhance customer experience and help you understand hospitality service better.

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