‘Untact’ is a way of doing things without direct contact with others

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the 32-year-old IT Professional is now operating remotely from her apartment in Bangalore; she avoids going to the gym by exercising at home and watching videos on her TV rather than going to the movies. She reads e-books instead of going to the library, which was closed during the pandemic. “I have barely eaten since the outbreak,” she says. “Instead, I order a range of take-away meals and even ice-cream for dessert on the delivery app. When I’m fed up with that, I order the ingredients from the grocery store and cook at home.

For many people, this isolated way of life has become a ‘new standard’ after lockdowns and shelter-in-place orders were implemented.

‘Untact’ – a combination of the prefix ‘un’ and the word ‘contact’ – has been floating around in marketing circles since 2017. It describes doing things without direct contact with others, such as using self-service kiosks, shopping online or making contactless payments. Some believe this is a natural progression in a modern society.

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