Simplify Complex Healthcare Interactions with APIs

2012, APIs in Healthcare- “Doctor, can you please go through the patient’s chart.
Can you pass on the insurance details. Can you ask him to come next week.
Your blood report is awaited, nothing to be serious”

From 2016,  APIs are having a growing impact on the healthcare sector, the interaction between applications has become an important part of everything related to medicine.

Why APIs important for Healthcare?

In the healthcare environment, immediate access to information is very crucial. This dynamic field has plenty of challenges. It’s a complicated mix of processes, systems, and technology. Decisions are a matter of life and death. The need for healthcare providers is to work more intelligently.

A hospital can also have an API for its employees to better understand their requirements, and this helps them to serve the patient better. When you share records with other hospital and physicians it minimizes the chances of errors. Hospital staff can access government and research data for smart diagnoses. Better coordination with insurance companies can prevent billing errors.

How it works with EMR?

APIs interact with your existing system programmatically and make it easy to incorporate new application, using your EMR data. For instance, when a provider wants to enable access to diagnostic tools through web and mobile, it becomes a new platform to connect with the patient and physician. APIs makes it easy for you to interact with your target audience (the patient).

Let’s take a hypothetical case of a medium-sized hospital. They have a plethora of records. With API patient can securely access their records and make necessary updates. When patients have access to their own data, it would help them understand their own health and make informed decisions. A diabetic patient can share his blood-sugar levels with his doctor, allowing the doctor to diagnose better. It improves efficiency, and cut overheads. Hospitals can share resources with government agencies, research organizations in a meaningful way, and help their patients better manage their health (with HIPAA compliance).

Why vafion ?

Healthcare APIs are different because here the focus is to empower the application to engage and connect with stakeholders through the web or Apps. When you want to onboard a new process to your current multiple plans, the existing internal process may take a multiple of that time to get this accomplished, and that’s where Vafion makes it easy for you. It streamlines your operations and ensures the patient gets the highest quality of care.

Developing a successful API is easy, but that does not ensure your API program is a success. The successful API program needs a plan, the understanding of your operational goals, and success metrics. How do you measure if your API program is a success? The team at Vafion believes APIs is ubiquitous- the functionality and design are only limited by our imagination. This reminds us about an ophthalmologist, who performs a dozen of cataract operations in a day say “Can there be a provision where with a click the system generates the bill automatically and charts everything pertaining to routine operation”.

Shared information transforms the quality of healthcare service by enabling efficient decision making between patient and providers, and Vafion’s APIs help to aggregate the information in a single location.

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