Robots to transform hospitality processes

As we morph into the year 2020 we will come across a lot of literature that focuses on latest trends related to the hospitality technology. Most businesses, irrespective of their size or sector have their operational challenges. The hospitality sector has been reverberating along at a febrile speed recently, and it looks that this won’t be slowing down in 2020.

Technology is a means that enables us to communicate effectively and help the business accomplish greater heights. At Vafion we focus on some of the key technologies that cannot be overlooked in the Hospitality industry. No! It’s not about unlocking doors with mobile check-in.

In Japan, there is a hotel called The Henn-na Hotel. When a guest walks up to the front desk, a damsel greets him with a bow and says ‘Welcome”. That’s a robot. Now many of us will think that this greet with no human touch is weird. But that’s not the catch, it’s a strategy to make customers realize that their presence is acknowledged. The primary objective of the hotel industry is to deliver the ultimate hospitality experience. Your guest will only remember you by how you hosted them. The hotel is able to save money from employing a hostess. Well! Let’s accept it, automation is here to stay, it’s all about value for money for the hotels and the guest. This is just a tip of the iceberg

Business is being transformed by new technologies and processes. Application of automation is the latest trend and this is going to take the world of the hospitality industry by storm.

Disruptive technologies have replaced all back office works, and with the invent of automation, it has changed the way companies are doing business and heading towards a digital workforce. The staff of most travel companies and hotels with high-volume of transactions often feel fettered by not being able to meet booking-engine demands. This is where Robotic Process Automation (RPA) steps in. It automates the entire process starting from booking till confirmation with no manual intervention. It can relieve human resource of repetitive work.

Our team at Vafion believes that RPA technology cannot be overlooked by the hotels in the coming years. The hospitality sector has been seeking consistency, reliability and productivity. Just like in all industry the issues like staff efficiency, customer retention, work redundancy, escalation of service, are common in the hospitality industry. Then there is also stiff competition for most businesses.

The robotic process is a combination of Artificial Intelligence and automation that assures better levels of efficiency above conventional performance. Similarly, the robotic software agent can be implemented for rule-based activities like customer service, IT and HR. When implementing robotics, it is important to first migrate manual touch points and then substituted it by robots. Make sure that the precise processing is to attain first-time-right output. Businesses should have a well-defined objective at the basic level, only then can RPA be an effective automation.

Automation through robotics enables cost containment, enhance performance, efficiency and quality. Nevertheless, a thorough understanding of the domain, process and quality discipline is very crucial for maximum ROI. This is made possible when RPA experts optimize the business by deconstructing and re-engineering the process, thus enabling the machine to automate it the way customers’ want.

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