You Need a Technology Partner with the Right Qualities. What Should You Look For?


Finding the correct vacation rental technology tools can help you save money by improving the level of automation in your business.

A technology partner is a service provider that also gives individualized guidance on all of a company’s technological decisions and follows it through the implementation phase.

A solid technological partner for a travel company, must always be on the cutting edge 

of connections, digital technology, data, programming languages, and so on.

There’s no denying that technology is a powerful growth enabler. Property management companies have been able to raise their operations to imagined heights because of  developments in vacation rental technology.

Short term rental property management solutions are developed for the growth of the variety of businesses.

you should also have in-depth knowledge of the industry to assist the company in making the best business decisions. As a result, if a company is looking for a technology partner to help it grow, three key points should be kept in mind:

Choose Specialists

Companies want to be closer to experienced partners who can respond to their needs. As a result, it is more convenient to look for technology firms that have sufficient experience and can also provide efficient solutions to the requirements.

Broad Portfolio

Although a company may be a specialist in its own niche, it is best to have a diverse portfolio to meet the needs of customers from different perspectives.

Value added service

It is also interesting to bet on specialists who have resources that others do not, such as data, a cutting-edge programming language, excellent customer service, or other requirements that can help them stand out from their competitors. And there will be more qualities; the interesting thing is that the technological partner is a critical piece for the success of a company’s digital transformation

And, in 2021, property managers will have access to more sophisticated technology than ever before.. Various specialised software systems now connect easily with one another, allowing property managers to accomplish end-to-end automation.

 Some of the tools that make vacation rental company to reach new heights with their business

Channel Manager

No matter the size of their vacation rental portfolio, channel managers are crucial tools for all property managers. They allow businesses to efficiently distribute their listings across several platforms while managing them all in one spot.

The benefits of using channel manager include

  •  Avoid double booking
  • Save time
  • Increases the visibility

Property Management System

Property management systems, or PMSs, help with the day-to-day administration of rental homes.

In a nutshell, PMSs allow you to automate the operational aspect of your vacation rental business.

Dynamic Pricing Tool

Property management businesses have begun to adopt increasingly complex revenue management techniques. This is due to the level of competition in the market, and getting the best price for your rental every day may offer you a competitive advantage. It is critical for increasing your earnings.

Guest experience and communication tools

There are several tools that can assist you in improving the visitor experience and facilitating guest communication. They enable you to automate time-consuming chores while still providing visitors with the quality of service they would expect from a hotel.


Nowadays chatbots are increasingly used in customer service roles. They are very efficient and provide a less expensive alternative to human agents.

Some of the vacation rental chatbots are Myplazze, Guidewiser, Concierge Bot, Yada

Cleaning and Maintenance tool

There are numerous vacation rental technology products available to help property managers discover qualified cleaning workers and automate housekeeping duties. These products allow you to save time and money without sacrificing the quality of your cleaning services.

Property managers may use a platform like Doinn to identify qualified cleaning and laundry providers in their region and automatically assign cleaning chores to them.

Vafion is a  technology partner providing technology services to Hotels and Vacation Rentals to drive more revenue.

We provide:

  • PMS integrations and OTA integrations.
  • Define API Roadmap & Integration with channel partners
  • Lead Management Systems & Dynamic Pricing Software
  • Guest Profile Management Tools & Reservation Management System.
  • Business intelligence solutions and Reporting to make your business decisions easier.
  • Mobility Roadmap and Hybrid application development.
  • Booking Engine Development & Maintenance
  • Light weight Vacation Rental platform, if you’re using a SaaS version.
  • Custom Property Management System Development and Refactoring
  • Payment Gateway Implementation Service
  • Custom API Development for Vacation Rental Companies
  • IoT Solutions (AI, Machine/Deep Learning, Big Data Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Data Visualization for Vacation Rental Industry



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