Why You Need DevOps Culture

Every company needs a DevOps because DevOps is about communication and merging of two different disciplines inside of IT.

In today’s application economy every business has become a technology business. Every company wants to embrace the speed and flexibility of the software. Time to market is the key differentiator. As you move from legacy to modern application your infrastructure can become a bottleneck, and that’s where DevOps help.

A lot of businesses are looking at DevOps. If you look at the process of an organization traditionally you will find they have these silos between team has slowed down the process. They wanted to go faster, but not necessarily at the risk of breaking the rules, or compliances. So applying the principle of DevOps they bring the team together, increase the level of automation. It enhances the quality of business processes to deliver new products in the market in a specific time frame. DevOps has fundamentally changed the way how IT organization works.  This actually helps them with their compliance regulation and security procedures. Once you tell a machine to do something it will keep doing that until you tell it to do something else. It makes it easier to audit, record and follow compliance. It speeds up the process and eliminates human error.

Businesses have been long concerned about their development, operations and deployment. We have seen the chronic conflict in an IT organization that pre-ordains horrible outcomes. We have seen how they meet the specification, but not the requirement. The usual hardline that “it works on my machine, now it’s for the ops make it run on the server”. It happens in every organization large and small, and project managers rattling back and forth. This pattern is one of the root-cause of all project delays. But, if we can beat it, we end up generating more value for our business.

If you are still upgrading your software during the wee hours by putting up a shingle reading “Server Upgrading and the service will resume shortly”. Undoubtedly, you are from the old school thoughts of conventional deploying. There is no downtime in today’s deployments because installation deployments can be done from server to server as each server gets its new deployment. All this allows the customer for a seamless and smooth experience. Deployment doesn’t have to be at the cost of impacting the business process within your organization. With DevOps deployment can be done at any time, without even your customer noticing it.

The Digital Drivers and transformation

The App economy and its rapid rise if not aligned properly can disrupt the entire service and sector. This emergency like a situation has forced organizations to aggressively apply system so that they don’t fall short in their attempt to engage customers’ online. This has become known as digital transformation, which has eliminated the paper-based system. As a development methodology, if your business has invested in a digital strategy, then you needs a mature DevOps approach. Organizations like Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Netflix, Twitter has adopted DevOps pattern, and have gone on to be the leaders in their respective area. Imagine these companies churning out hundreds and thousands of codes-deploy on daily basis, and still maintain amazing stability, security and reliability.

DevOps is the fast innovation in a fast-moving world, enabling benefits that include increased collaboration between team members and has accelerated innovation for new technologies, improved speed to market. Unified technologies that ease development and efficiency of the IT teams and lower overall cost of development and ownership.

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