Hotel Check-in Automation: RIP Front Desk

Traditional hotel practices are transforming due to various technologies, which leads to a growth in Check-in Automation.

In today’s online World, modern hotels that survive will prioritize contactless check-in technology which can be entirely operated with smartphones. Old technology involves huge reception desks, but nowadays these are considered as distractions to stop guests from realizing how long it takes to get their keys. This problem goes away in check-in automation technology. There are no waiting times, there is no unsafe contact with receptionists, everything is arranged and managed properly in check-in automation. This is a straightforward and seamless approach for guests.

What is hotel Automation?

A hotel automation system allows to interface and control all devices to ensure supervision service of each room directly from reception. It involves the use of technology to overcome the traditional check-in process and enabling guests to use their rooms without involving the traditional check-in desk.

The Check-in process is a friendly and easy approach for everyone involved and it doesn’t make guests hesitate, likely to be waiting or lining up to check-in and they don’t want to arrive at a certain time.

With Automation check-in systems, guests can book the rooms and send their access codes in advance and the whole process is monitored through an Online platform

Automated check-in allows you to give guests access easily, without depending on a staff member. The whole process can be managed remotely.

How can you introduce check-in automation?

Some hotel industries feel they should get rid of the hotel reception desk because they think that the guest experience is faceless and cold, and they miss the “hospitality” welcome to their guests.

But rather than this automated check-in will increase the number of guests in numbers Because, in this busy world, everybody is living online. They just want to arrive, check themselves at the touch of a button, and start feeling at home, no other extra interactions required.


With check-in automation, the guests can use their own digital portal when they book, so they can check everything in advance. They have their own user id and password to log in so everything is personal. They feel easy and comfortable to operate. In this covid situation, an automation check-in system is far better and safer.


Keeping the data of guests digitally allows you to contact them personally after their stay and can also improve the customer relationship too

Connecting your automated entry system with a platform means that you can offer the guest even more tips and features to help them feel welcome and at home via the same page. You can also offer them Wi-fi passwords and local map recommendations, and providing access to housekeeping or room services.


There are various ranges of options available depending upon your hotel, guests, and needs. The most popular are automated check-in kiosk or a keypad connected to a centralized digital portal 

Keypads use smart locks to offer access to a room with a personalized code, while kiosks might collect guests’ details and payment, and give them a keycard.

By connecting the system to a smart platform you can also control the temperature, humidity, etc. You can also control the noise and occupancy using smart devices.

Housekeeping and maintenance staff can be controlled by using separate access codes. Setting up automated check-in is also less expensive or time-consuming than you think, they can be operated with Bluetooth and wi-fi.

Nowadays, Automated check-in systems are welcomed by many top countries which makes their work easier and even better. If you install a check-in system on your property it never replaces face-to-face interactions but makes them more meaningful. Guests will appreciate taking a step ahead of competitors. With this technology, you can permit late night check-ins to business guests and also can ensure safety and adhere to no-touch policies in this covid situation.


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