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It is necessary to build your Website if you own the short-term rental industry so that you can smartly collect bookings. It is your platform and you can control the bookings, communications, marketing, and cancellation policy.


What is Book Direct Movement?

The book direct movement is developed to bridge the gap between the savvy owner/manager and the savvy guests who need a little education. Many guests are not aware that the booking fees they pay to list sites, which can amount to hundreds of dollars, are completely avoidable.

The book direct movement improves the hotel website and booking engine conversion rates and gives hoteliers substantial data insights which are necessary to compete against OTAs and other properties. A direct booking platform will help you to optimize your website and improves revenue, profitability, customer engagement, and data.

Bookdirect (which began in 2018) has gathered hundreds of hosts and managers ready to educate guests with innovative graphics, newsletters, and social media posts to promote the idea that small company transactions don’t need to be handled by The Big Guys.

 Tips to encourage your guests to #bookdirect

The best way to promote this book’s direct movement to the people is by sending out an email campaign. This email should give the information about the value of booking direct and booking local. Include some of the important points to increase the Direct booking rates

Save Money using Book Direct

Booking directly with the respective hotel owner or managers will cut down the middle man or commissions. Big booking sites such as HomeAway, VRBO, and TripAdvisor add a high percentage of booking fees to the reserved hotels.

Book Direct for direct contact with manager or owner

Booking directly will ensure direct contact with the person responsible for the property. With this technology, the guests can get in touch with the owner without any obligation to inquire about services and amenities before committing.

Owners and managers will have more special offers during non-peak travel times.

When travelers communicate directly with the owner or manager, they will be the first to find special offers, discounts, or exclusive deals.

How to get started with #BookDirect

Here are some of the tips to market your book direct movement

  • On Canva, make a #bookdirect graphic.
  • Use your Canva #bookdirect graphic to share it on your favorite social media networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.).
  • Send a newsletter to previous guests informing them of the #bookdirect campaign.
  • Create a blog post that explains how to #bookdirect to travelers.
  • Update all past social media posts with the hashtag #bookdirect 
  • Add #bookdirect to all social media posts you create in the future 

Maybe you’re not quite ready to “Book Direct,” but want to know how to get started. Setting up a time to talk with Vafion would be an excellent starting step. Since 2014, we’ve been assisting our customers with taking direct bookings, and we’d be pleased to show you the ropes.

Here are a few measures to take. It can all seem a little daunting at first, but each small step leads to the next in a natural and orderly manner.

Get a feel of your brand’s identity.

You must build a feeling of what distinguishes you unique from the heavily trafficked and branded listing sites to stand out. Find out Who is your ideal visitor? What kind of mood are they aiming for? If you haven’t already, come up with a distinctive name for your business and make sure your website domain is available (so previous guests can quickly discover you when they wish to return!)

Create a website that accepts reservations. 

Vafion’s team of vacation rental-specific website designers and backend developers can efficiently manage your backend features while the website design captures your distinctive identity.

Create your social media profiles. 

Start with the ones you’re already familiar with and are confident you’ll use.

Begin gathering information from your website’s visitors. This might be as basic as including an email capture popup that asks visitors to subscribe to your mailing list for special offers and travel advice… As simple as a targeted campaign, or as complicated as a targeted campaign.

Let’s work together to show visitors that when they #bookdirect, they can support local small businesses while also saving money!

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                  The #bookdirect Movement – The Distinguished Guest

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