How to Generate More Bookings with Google Hotel Ads?

Advertising through Google Hotel Ads helps you to meet new customers as they browse for hotels using Google. You boost the visibility of your hotel on Google, which increases the chance of new customers discovering and booking your hotel.

“Google Hotel Ads has become the most powerful and simple marketing channel for hotels today,” said Quentin Lederer, chief operating officer at WIHP.

In 2020, Google removed its 10 percent minimum fee for the pay per-stay (PPS) option, with a high number of Hotel Cancellations caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. This enables hotels to pay for a GHA click only after the guest stay has occurred. Adding this offering model to the marketing mix will help to minimize the risk associated with Pay-Per-Click campaigns, in particular as they run multiple large campaigns concurrently, and position hospitality companies for success.

Thanks to such a range of features, Google will now allow hoteliers to find potential travellers with the experience at any micro-moment, from top through mid-to-bottom. Therefore, Google can be utilised as either a brand recognition tool, an incremental revenue stream or a channel change from OTAs in a strong marketing strategy. Google hotel ads remains one of the most reliable advertisement arrows particularly for the latter scenario.

Meta I/O, WIHP analyzed thousands of clients investing in Google Hotel Ads, in order to recognize patterns and find possible fluctuations in spending, ROAS and conversion rate. The data collection consists of 20% of independent property and 80% of groups and chains, located worldwide.

According to a 2015 Nielsen survey, average ROAS is $2.87 for each $1 spent in most industries.

In 2020, the GHA return is sevenfold, with $21.90 per $1 spent.

Also the overall conversion of the campaign is still very high with an average 4.3%.

According to many estimates, the hotel average conversion rate is between 2 and 2.2 percent , while it is twice the amount for Google Hotel Ads.

Far from being only a downstream train, Google Hotel Advertising also accounts for an impressive number of clicks on a hotel booking engine, clicks used to retarget potential customers who exit the cart before completing the transaction or display opaque, custom-built deals.

In these times of recovery from the complete standstill position of the industry due to the pandemic, each and every penny counts. So it is very important to choose the best advertising channel available as each and every step is crucial for the recovery.

Investment in Google Hotel Ads is one of the most popular, reliable, healthy and high-performance investments a hotel can make.

The huge variety of bidding templates – CPC, PPB, the latter solution to the PPS, makes it suitable for any property, and the platform granularity permits advertisers just to invest knowing when and where is the best return.

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