Flutter Vs React Native Mobile App Development

Flutter Vs React Native for Mobile App Development : Which one should be used by Start-ups.

Cross-platform app development is more popular among the start-ups nowadays. Flutter and React Native are two cross-platform app development frameworks.

These two frameworks are the most popular app development framework right now.

What is Flutter ?

Flutter is an open-source mobile application development software development toolkit launched by Google. Flutter is new to mobile app development. It is based on the programming language Dart which is created by Google.(source)

What is React Native ?

React Native is a mobile application framework introduced by Facebook. It is based on the programming language Java Script. It became very popular in less time and is one of the most popular frameworks.(source)

Advantages and disadvantages of Flutter and React Native

Advantages of Flutter

  • Great application performance – Flutter has great performance and has . Dart compiles into native code since flutter has its own widgets and therefore no need to access OEM widgets. That implies less communication between app and the platform.
  • Fast and Simple development – Flutter is hot reload, i.e, it allows you to view the changes made in the code. And the changed code is reloaded while the app is running. 
  • High productivity – For both iOS and Android app we can use the same code. So that we can save the time and resources.
  • Low cost – we can use a single code in different platforms. So it reduces the maintenance cost of the app.

Disadvantages of Flutter 

  • Limited set of tools and libraries – Since Flutter is a new cross-platform development app, it as limited set of tools and libraries. It may take some time to create necessary tools. 
  • Big file size – Applications has massive file size. Developers main task is to reduce the size. For that they reduce the use of images, animations etc. 

Advantages of React Native 

  • Performance – It operates through Android and iOS native components interactions. 
  • Hot Reloading – It allows to add new codes into the application directly while the app is running. 
  • Code Re usability – The developers can reuse the code for iOS and Android. This helps in saving time and cost of the project. 
  • Access to libraries and Ready-made solutions – Unlike Flutter, React Native has pre-made solutions and libraries. These are freely available for the developers to access. 

Disadvantages of React Native 

  • Low Security – Since React Native is a Java Script library and open source framework, the developers often face the challenge of keeping the app secure. 
  • Difficult to Learn – For freshers, learning React Native can be challenging, if they find creating application with JSX in the Java Script syntax extension difficult. Developers must also be familiar with the native app coding too.

Differences between Flutter and React Native in :

Programming Language  

React Native develop application using Javascript. It is known to all  the developers.

Flutter uses Dart (dart official website) for developing application which is new to the  developers. But Dart is an easy to use for those who are familiar with  OOP language such as c++ and java.


React Native  popular in user experience.

Flutter has won over React Native because of its simplicity.

Development Time

Flutter is new. So it requires time to develop the projects. It has limited set of tools and libraries.

React Native has many  pre-made solutions and  libraries which is easy to access. So the development time of app is less compared to Flutter.   

React Native is best when compared to Flutter in case of development time in the mobile application development.



Flutter has currently 102,00+ GitHub stars. It has surpassed React Native in Popularity.

React Native has 92,200+ GitHub stars.


Both Flutter and React Native are better and popular in cross-platform app development. We can’t determine which is best as the selection depends on the requirements, developers, features, project etc.

Flutter’s development is simple compared to React Native. It has won over React Native due to its simplicity. Even though it is new to the development field, it has become popular in less time.

React Native is more suitable for saving development time.

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