Chakra UI or Tailwind CSS : Faster Front end Development Tool


Everything the users see in their application or browser first, is managed by the front end developers. These front end developers will be managing design, analysing codes and debugging applications. So the front end developers are responsible for the looks, design and the feel of the website.

There are many front end development tools. Chakra UI and Tailwind CSS are two front end development tools.

What is Chakra UI ?

Chakra UI is simple, modular, and is an accessible component to build the React applications. Chakra UI was launched on september 2019. Its simplicity, accessibility, modularity makes it more powerful. It belongs to the UI component category. Chakra UI has 17.1k GitHub stars currently.(source)

What is Tailwind CSS ?

Tailwind CSS is used for building the customer user interfaces. It is a utility-first CSS framework. The first version of Tailwind CSS i.e, utility-first CSS framework  was created on 2017. It has many ready-made templates and users can also create their own designs. Tailwind CSS has currently 40.4k GitHub stars.(source)

Advantages and Disadvantages of Chakra UI and Tailwind CSS

Advantages of Chakra UI :

  1. Easily customizable – Chakra UI is easily customizable i.e, we can adjust the designs easily whenever needed. Rather than styles, we can also change the behaviour of the components used.
  1. Accessibility – Chakra UI is easily accessible. People always come across problems while accessing something, so it is difficult to create accessible UIs. Usually we have to implement few WCAG guidelines, but the keyboard navigation, proper outlines are all covered by the Chakra UI.
  1. Dark Mode support – Nowadays, dark mode has became an important part in tech lives. Now everyone can use it in their laptops, smartphones etc. Most of the Chakra’s components are dark mode compatible.

Disadvantages of Chakra UI

  1. Impossible to style some components – Components like switch, checkbox, and some other components cannot be styled by Chakra UI.
  1. Hard to apply defaults – Chakra already has some default components. So if we want to add one default component, it will be difficult to apply.

Advantages of Tailwind CSS

  1. Tailwind is a set of CSS. Whenever needed we can add that CSS classes to the HTML elements. So, it will save the development time and the design will be more attractive.
  1. Tailwind CSS is very helpful in creating responsive themes for the web application.
  1. We can use Tailwind CSS easily and it has many ready-made templates.

Disadvantages of Tailwind CSS

  1. Tailwind CSS does not provide any default styled components. We have to create everything from scratch.
  1. It takes a lot of time for designing components since it is done from the scratch .
  1. Even though we are familiar with CSS, we need to learn pre-defined classes provided by the Tailwind.


Chakra UI is a new tool and it has many components. It helps you create the layouts quickly. It is simple, and easily accessible.

If you want a prepared React component, you can go with Chakra UI.(source : Chakra official website)

Tailwind CSS shows us different way of working of CSS. Using this we can create more user interfaces that are flexible. If we make changes to one element, it does not affect the other element. We can create our own templates also. But designing takes some time while using Tailwind CSS.(source : Tailwind official website)

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