Determine Your Business with Internet of Things (IoT)

Phone service came into existence when the need for people-to-people interaction was required. Later this moved over to the Internet in the form of an email, and then followed by people-to-machine interaction. Now we have machine-to-machine interaction (IoT), which completely eliminates the need for human intervention; thus building ubiquitous computing.

 Vafion as a technology partner has a space of its own in the smart world with universal computing & networking, API Integration for Vacation Rental companies. We are also trying to make it easy for the manufacturers to handle their operational process with IoT.

Manufacturers are mostly under pressure to improve their operational process and performance, but the traditional systems in place along with the limitations of the legacy system acts as a barrier to improving operational performance. The customer expectation of anytime, anywhere service is also putting their supply chain under pressure.

Vafion’s API integration platform, when integrated with IoT, enables manufacturing operation with data analysis with the use of predictive algorithms to visualize data. The predictive analytics of the platform are more apt and intellectual with the capability to empower operational processes. It’s like computing the whole process that will be programmed to act accordingly without human intervention.

IoT is a new level of intelligence that connects the processes with the business operations and systems. The data generated will be combined and analyzed to make the manufacturing process sync with the modern day business. It’s a bid to change the dynamics and bring an opportunity to manufacturing companies to amend their process and reach operational excellence with smart technology partners.


  1. Get a 360 degree view of your business operations, interact with the data and make better and achieve higher operational performance.
  2. Gaining visibility by securely connecting to the systems and get real-time data.
  3. Removing complexity with predictive analytics to deliver proactive information to improve performance and quality.
  4. Real-time monitoring of machine health and be alerted of possible failure and condition and operating parameters.

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