Are you “the Perfect Vacation Rentals Channel”?

So, is your VR channel, be it PMS, OTA or a Website “the perfect”?

Let us find out:

To get there, let us first find out what aspects makes an application perfect?

These include Richness of Data, Usability, Responsiveness, Scalability, Audit trails, high availability and so on. Most of these aspects applies to any Vacation Rental Channel too.

“Perfect” or “Ideal” are those words that quantify the quality and the bars keeps on going high with the ever-changing customer expectations. Let us discuss the high-ranking attributes that makes your channel a perfect one:

Data Enrichment: Having a variety of properties hosted on your channel is not enough; each property data needs to be adequately enriched to provide easy decision making ability for the customer. A recent VR survey found that people abandon their booking attempt when not presented with all the details in the same place. For example, if they’ve to go out to another site to read the review about the property or yet another one to find out about the local attractions, there is a good chance that the customer forgets what he initially started with thereby abandoning the booking attempt.

Personalized Search: Adding the touch of personalization does real wonders to the property search. An art-loving customer would naturally like to see and book a rental that has a close proximity to the local cultural attractions. The turn-around for the customer would be time-saving and ease of access thereby leaving behind a lasting great impression.

True content update: It comes with validity of data & more over updated data. People gives more attention towards recency of the data.
Attributes like price and offers needs live updates.

Automatic Data feed update: More the manual work means more human error. Ensure that data feed updates are automated in an optimal way with minimal manual intervention.

Fast and Secure Payment gateway: It’s a user experience. Everyone pays special attention during payment.So our payment gateway should be fast, secure & trustworthy.

Centralize Administration Console: The command center for your channel,it adds monitoring and control and the complete orchestration including audit,feedback mechanism and many more.

These are just some of the high-ranking items. There are a whole lot more. It’s all about what’s finally realized at customer’s end.

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